Editing for My Sci-Fi Story

I am editing my Sci-Fi story Challenge Of The Velah

As it’s been quite a while since I visited the writing, I started at the beginning and am working my way through it. I’m not rushing, as I want to give it my full attention.

As some might know, I finished another story, Hell’s Beginning, and sent it in for the first editing round with Azoth Khem Publishing(Website/Facebook) at the start of February. Now, I’m waiting.

In the interim, I wrote a short story for a Facebook group titled United Stakes Of America, where they issued a general Call For Submissions for stories about Vampire Killers. I asked one of my FB friends to have a look at it, and hope she can help me come up with a better title than “Vampire Killers.”

Anyway, the Editors at Azoth Khem, when I mentioned I had a Sci-Fi WIP, asked me to send it to them to have a look at. Bear in mind, though I haven’t mentioned it here, I actually have a contract with them for Hell’s Beginning, which is more a Thriller. For them to ask for Challenge before I actually finish, let alone as raw as I feel it still is, gets me a bit giddy.

So, that’s the update at this juncture. Revising in process, just waiting for feed back on Hell’s Beginning and my Vampire Killer stories.

Let me know in the comments if you have something in the works, or just general feedback.

Hope to hear from you soon!

  • John T. M. Herres




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