A fabulous list of Women Writers in the Horror genre.
Celebrating #WiHM Women In Horror Month all February long, and all year long, too!

The Eclectic Eccentric

Hey! It’s good to be back! And to the new followers, welcome!

Anyway, the reason why I took some time off from all the wedding planning madness is because this month is a very special month. For those who don’t know already, February isn’t just love month. It’s also Women in Horror Month. (Though I’m pretty sure a lot of people would agree that every month should be Women in Horror Month.)

The thing about the horror industry is that most people believe that it’s a male-dominated business.  Seriously, how many female horror authors can you actually name, right?



Right now, I’m naming at least a hundred. And these are just some of my recommendations…

Fact: It’s tough for female horror authors to get some recognition in the mainstream system.  It’s for that reason why a lot of us thrive quietly in the indie scene or find…

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