Yes, way too long overdue.

I have been writing again, though. Finally. I’ll tell you about it in a moment.

First, for any who have not heard, I have submitted Challenge Of The Velah for consideration to be published! Not through a big house, mind you, but a publisher none the less.

I know there are many self publication options, but as I am always unsure of my work, I am feign to put anything out to the public without having an Editor go over it. Since I am not working, that is out of my range of possibilities. I don’t know of any Editors who would work for free, or even on a “contingent” basis, do you? Didn’t think so.

What I’ve been working on:

Back in 2012, I frequented an online group called BookRix, where writers would share their stories for others to read, have little competitions and try to help others write better. I had made some offerings in some of the competitions, but didn’t get very good results. In fact, the ones I did see getting most of the “votes” were not very good, in my opinion. I got very frustrated with them.

I started a story called “Hell’s Beginning” that centered on the start of a serial killer. I didn’t know how I wanted it to go, nor what would be entailed. As with a lot of my writings, the first sentence began roaming the caverns ‘twixt my ears until I had to put it down, then more followed.

I got an idea of having other people get too close and have to be dealt with, too. Another guy in the group had penned something about a killer, so I asked if he wanted to collaborate. He agreed, so I said I could write a section, then he would add the next.

What I got back from him was not what I expected. I would have to say it was downright venomous toward the character. In reading his, I thought how it would affect my future “reputation,” how others would view me were I to put my name on that style of writing, and told him that was not what I had in mind. I rescinded my offer and went it alone.

I got four sections written, starting each out in the killer’s view (first person) and then in the victim’s (third person). Then, the story stopped coming to me. I’ve never been a fan of forcing words out, so I left it alone and did other things.

During the time spent on it, I stopped using BookRix, claiming I spent too much time there and needed to concentrate more on writing than on socializing. It was partly true. More so, I got fed up with the stories I considered less than well written always getting more votes than mine. Selfish? Maybe, but be that as it may, I didn’t belong there if I didn’t get support and constructive criticism.

Last year, I had been getting more and more contacts on Facebook, one of whom did editing for an online publication called Fat Lip Press, so I asked if he could have a look at Hell’s Beginning and tell me if I should pursue finishing it and try to get it published. When he got back to me, he said yes, and when I asked his opinion of it, he told me something I have never heard concerning my writing. He said it was “Brilliant.” That took me by surprise.

So, the Fiction Editor wrote me and asked about it, if he had offered publication. I told her I had just wanted advice, and after she read it, she said if I planned to expand it, I could consider it published by Jaded Publishing. When I asked how much it would need to be expanded, she told me about 80,000 words total.

Not for the first time, a big number flabbergasted me. Scared me, in fact. So much so that I couldn’t continue it. When I told her I wouldn’t be able to get that much, she said we could probably get it as a Novella, but she wouldn’t be able to go over it until January- that was in August.

I did start the continuation, thinking I could do a sequel; which is how I wanted to do the thing to begin with. Make something like the old chapbooks and have one part Killer’s view and one part Victim in each installment. That didn’t come about.

So as I worked on getting more to the story, I found it coming out easier and, just this week, I completed it with just over 58,000 words.

I actually finished a long story! I wrote 58,000 words on ONE STORY! I’m still fascinated with that.

I sent it in, now to Azoth Khem Publishing, who the contract (yes, I actually have a contract to get it published!) is through, and am now waiting for the Editor to go over it and tell me how much she wants to cut, or how much I need to change. Playing the waiting game now. She waited for me to finish it, so it’s the least I can do to wait for her to contact me.

Thanks for reading! Does anyone have any comments, or helpful advice? I’d love to hear other people share their experiences with their firsts.


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