Tonight In The News, #BB 11

This is another repost from my vanished “Velah” blog.

I still have no idea what happened to that blog, nor if it could have been recovered. I’m just cutting my losses and setting up another one… THIS one.

I am bringing this flash piece, once again, to one and all. I had written it for the #BlogBattle #11, and got some decent comments on it. Let’s hope I can get moving and pen some more tales for future #BlogBattles.

So, without further ado, I bring you;



Tonight in the News;
By John T. M. Herres


Good evening, everyone, I’m Jake Hennings, along with Allison Arbor, with tonight’s headlines.

The Sakalel have invaded yet another city.

Nahthens saw the giant, silver-skinned monsters yesterday as nearly one hundred warriors stormed the streets during a holiday parade. No word yet as to the number of fatalities, but the President is expected to declare a State of Emergency later this week.

Reports have come in and been confirmed with footage from ATM and traffic cameras. We are unable to show any of the images, as they are too horrific.

With enormous blades bared, they stormed the Plaza in the midst of the annual Chumbo Festival, cutting their way from there to the swamps. We have had some reports that local Law Enforcement Officers attempted to blockade them at the start of their campaign, but the bullets just glanced off these armored invaders.

Wait a minute… This just in:

The National Guard has recalled every soldier in the five states surrounding Lowsanna, including Taseless, Mizzipy, ArksandAwe, and Goajza, and put the entire country of Reserve Soldiers on high alert. General Mezma has issued a statement that he has been in contact with the Pinisgone, helping organize the next lines of defense.

Thanks, Jake.

You may remember, the first attack came a scant 2 months ago near Awsin, Taseless, when hunters reported seeing large creatures with silver-like skin attacking an unknown type of craft in the woods near a cave.

The authorities discounted the reports on account of the men in question were known to be “in their cups,” as the Chief Of Police said in his statement later.

Investigators found no evidence at the scene, but as they searched, the warriors stormed Awsin and laid it to waste. Few are known to have survived, and they are in a debilitating state of shock.

The invaders began appearing at irregular intervals in other large cities, not just around the Nation, but all over the globe. Sources state…
Pardon me, Allison; This just in:

The Heskah have arrived. Lead by the Velah, the human they sought to champion them against the Sakalel, they have engaged with the huge beasts and…

Wait a minute. Is this accurate?

Ladies and gentlemen, you won’t believe this report:

It seems the Heskah have recruited some Sakalel Warriors to their side. Their armor, though still silver, have a carved symbol we are told stands for “Velah” in the Heskah language.

The battle now raging along the Mizzipy River has the formidable monsters stopped, as the weapons used against them are of the same make-up as their own.

Members of the Armed Forces have begun to arrive at other scenes across the Nation to give what support they can.

The Stead Cause has set up shelters for displaced residents, a triage center, and set aside sections for the Medical Staff for the Heskah, designated “Denda” for the Doctors and “Preda” for Nurses.

We now take you live to our correspondent, Matt Greenling, near the Capital:

(huh)Thank ya, Jack.

That’s “Jake”!
(huh)Right. As ya see behind me, (huh)people keep trickling into the (huh) camps set up here by the (huh)Stead Cause.

(huh)There have been reports the (huh)Heskah have pushed the (huh)Sakalel back significantly, but (huh)everything in their wake is destroyed.

(huh)I’ve just been handed this: (huh)The Sakalel have retreated back to their ships. (huh)It seems the Heskah have (huh)successfully pushed them into a stalemate, and they have now chased them back to the stars.


Pardon me, Matt, but are those reports correct?


(huh)I cannot verify, Jack…


Matt, his name is Jake.


(huh)Uh-huh. I do not have eyes on the scene, so I cannot say for sure. That’s (huh) just what this notice tells me.


Thanks for that, Mite.


(huh)That’s Matt.



Folks, we need to take a few moments to confirm these reports. Stay tuned, as we will return after these messages from…

What’s going on downstairs? Ladies and gentlemen, it would seem the reports have been exaggerated. The studio is under attack here in Dentor. I can hear explosions below. The building is shaking like we’re experiencing an earthquake.

No! Seal those doors! Hold them back just a while longer so I can…

The End


I hope to be able to dig up some of the original comments, and get permission from the Authors to get them back; if nothing else, withing the post, but I’d rather try to get them as actual comments. Keep an eye out…

(NOT like that! Put it back in your socket where it belongs!)


2 thoughts on “Tonight In The News, #BB 11

  1. I have recovered this comment from Rachael Ritchey:

    ‘Rachael Ritchey’, ‘’, ‘2015-05-30 19:58:07’, ‘That’s quite a story! I’m love the newscaster minute by minute, and it’s just as dismal as the news we hear on a regular basis! Great job! Welcome to the blog battle! I’m looking forward to reading more of your stories. 🙂


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