Old Blog Intro

This is a re-post from the last backup file I received before the original Velah blog disappeared.

I present here yet another blog.

I have my website, where I have samples of my writings and other articles. I have a blog dedicated to both trying to offer help to the new writer and my Barbarian novel-in-progress. Now, I have this blog space.

Herein, I shall share some original content of and about my Science Fiction work-in-progress  “Challenge Of The Velah.”


I actually began this story before “Barbarian Tales” (the piece I have decided to make the second half of “The Barbarian”), but the creation usurped my muse. Kidnapped, even.

I plan to get back on it, though, but must first do a read through. Which is where this section of the blog comes in.

As I post here, I intend to do the editing of the rough draft. This does not mean that whatever I post here is the end result, for that would be presumptuous. I in no way wish to claim the posts here are ready for consolidation and publishing.

Another reason for these posts; I want feedback. I need people to read what I write here, consider the elements, and offer constructive criticism as to ebb and flow, continuity, and, yes, even grammar.

The more responses I get, the more I’ll know what YOU, the reader, want to see. How else am I to entertain you unless you tell me your thoughts?

I cannot guarantee regular updates, but will do my best to add more of the story as I am able. I also need to work on “The Barbarian” in much the same manner.

Like me on the Facebook link, Find me on Twitter, check out my other blogs & website.

And, most important of all: Please leave me a comment. Thanks in advance!

— John


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