Welcome to my replacement blog!

I had a blog set up for my Sci-Fi WIP, but it disappeared toward the end of September of 2015. I still have no idea why.

I kept getting emails saying my admin login failed, and would be locked for an hour, but I hadn’t been on it during those hours. When the unlock went into effect, I went there to try to figure out why.

At the top of my Dashboard, I had notices for several security files I needed to copy to a certain location. One of those files, titled Brute Force Login Protection, I looked at, for it seemed to me that is what the multiple lockouts a day meant- someone trying to hack my site.

Now, as to why one would want to hack my itty, bitty blog I could not fathom. It’s not like I had a bunch of valuable information. It only consisted of a posting of my rough draft, and a couple of shorts I wrote for Rachael Ritchey‘s #BlogBattles, and their very few respective comments.

I did get one of the stories related to this novel submitted for the #BlogBattle posted to My Website and sent the link to be corrected on her pages. But the other offering I submitted came from the second chapter of my WIP, and I could not remember if I had abridged any of it.

Fortunately, while looking through folders on one of my email addresses, I found that I had a backup .zip file close to the last days of the blog. When I opened it, contained within all the computer codes were both submissions, and the comments.

So, I hope to get permission to copy and paste the history into the new posts, and get the links corrected once again.

Just to let you know, you can also go to my BarbarianWriter Blog and see my other WIP, The Barbarian. At least, parts of it. As that story sits, I have written a couple of new passages which still need to be integrated into it from the #BlogBattle entries based on that timeline.

So, try to have a look around- remember, I am setting this up by hand, as I have no idea if there’s a way to upload the .zip file here, and all would go where it should. That would be nice, but…


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